Calibration Lab

Offer of service for the calibration of instruments and equipment by Spectrum Laboratories ltd.

 Spectrum Laboratories are an IANZ accredited laboratory who can calibrate electrical measuring equipment, ovens and environmental humidity Chambers using the latest up to date Dew Point Mirror and T12 Thermometer.

Accreditation for operation class

5.35  (b) Hygrometer

5.61 Temperature Measuring Instruments

5.63 Temperature controlled enclosures

5.89 Indicating instruments and recording instruments.

5.91 Frequency Measurement and Time Measurement

Spectrum laboratories has invested in the latest calibration equipment and has this equipment in its possession to calibrate its own in-house instruments.

 Spectrum Laboratories offers a high quality service

Spectrum will notify its customer when its equipment is due for recalibration.

Spectrum will offer a pick up same day return service or has a mobile option to calibrate on site.

Spectrum can offer an emergency service for when calibrations are required by its customers at short notice. Spectrum Laboratories have a number of signatories on site giving back up and continuity to our service.

 Spectrum Laboratories also offers unendorsed mechanical calibration services as well.

This enables Spectrum to calibrate:

(a) Digital Multimeter

(b) DC voltmeters

(c) AC voltmeters

(d) DC ammeters

(e) AC ammeters

(f) Ohmmeters

(g) Temperature Indicator

(h) Temperature Controller

(i) Data Loggers.

Unit 1/25 Highbrook Drive, East Tamaki, Auckland

(09) 271 1616