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Spectrum Laboratories Ltd is an internationally accredited laboratory specialising in the independent safety testing of electrical appliances and light industrial equipment.

Spectrum Laboratories Ltd 是一家国际认可的实验室,致力于家用电器及轻工业产品的独立安全检验


Approvals can be obtained for Europe (IEC),

Australia / New Zealand (SAA) and North America。


Spectrum Laboratories Ltd, an International Accreditation New Zealand ISO 17025 approved laboratory is the only Electrical Safety Testing Laboratory in Australasia to become a partner test laboratory of TÜV Rheinland of North America, Inc headquarted in Newtown, CT.

Spectrum Laboratories Ltd,作为一家获得ISO 17025(测试与校正实验室认证标准)认证的新西兰实验室,是大洋洲唯一一家莱茵TÜV北美集团(总部位于康涅狄格州新城镇市)的合作伙伴。

This means that Spectrum Laboratory customers can obtain key international certification marks for their products such as the TÜV Rheinland Mark, which is the most widely recognized certification mark in Europe. In the past decade, members of the European Union have become accustomed to seeing the TÜV Rheinland Mark on consumer products, which is a well-respected indicator of compliance with European norms and nation requirements for Germany. The TÜV Rheinland Mark also demonstrates Notified Body approval for CE Marking.

这就意味着Spectrum Laboratory的顾客可以获得重要的国际资格认证标志,比如莱茵TÜV集团的标志,这个德国安全认证标志在欧洲得到广泛的认可。TUV认证以德国产品安全法(SGS)为依据,按照欧盟统一标准EN或德国工业标准DIN进行检测的一种自愿性认证,是欧洲市场公认的德国安全认证标志。在过去的十年中,欧盟的许多国家开始将此标志作为检验电器产品的标准

Scope of Operations

With endorsed test procedures performed in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 guidelines, Spectrum provides electrical safety testing services and a regulatory approvals consultancy service to electrical manufacturers and importers globally.



严格遵循ISO/IEC 17025 检测程序,Spectrum Laboratories Ltd向世界范围内的电器生产厂商及进口商提供了完备的电器检验及认证咨询服务。

A selection of the products which Spectrum can provide approvals testing for includes:

  • Lamps and lighting
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Electric irons
  • Hair dryers
  • Power tools
  • Clothes dryers
  • Electrical components
  • Spa and swimming pools
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Toasters and similar appliances
  • Room heaters
  • Fans
  • Domestic fridges                        
  • Sandwich makers and sandwich presses

  • Plugs and socket-outlets
  • Deep fryers
  • Food waste disposers
  • Battery chargers
  • Pumps
  • Audios and videos
  • Microwave ovens
  • Isolating transformers
  • Safety isolating transformers
  • Kettles
  • Egg boilers
  • Mixers
  • Coffee makers
  • Range hoods

Spectrum Laboratories Ltd 能为您提供如下产品的检验服务:

  • 光源及照明灯具
  • 厨房电器 
  • 电熨斗
  • 电吹风
  • 电动工具
  • 干衣机
  • 电子元件
  • 温泉浴池及游泳池
  • 真空吸尘器
  • 烤面包机
  • 房间取暖器
  • 风扇
  • 家用冰箱
  • 三明治加工机

  • 插头和插座
  • 炸锅
  • 食物废渣处理机
  • 充电器
  • 水泵
  • 音响和录像机
  • 微波炉
  • 隔离变压器
  • 安全隔离变压器
  • 电水壶
  • 煮蛋器
  • 搅拌器
  • 咖啡机
  • 炉灶罩


Spectrum Laboratories gained IANZ registration in 1988. Having been purchased by an independent owner in 2002, the laboratory immediately began to expand its operations and refocus its business. The laboratory formed a strategic alliance with Parkside Laboratories in 2003. With the combined industry knowledge and wealth of experience of both laboratories, a wider range of testing services and quicker turnaround times are provided to customers. The alliance also affords enhanced quality procedures by co-operatively benchmarking against world-class processes.


Spectrum Laboratories Ltd于1988年取得IANZ(新西兰国际认可机构)注册。自从2002年被独立业主收购后,公司重新调整了定位并迅速扩大了规模。公司在2003年与Parkside Laboratories组成战略联盟。结合两家公司在工业领域广博的知识和资深经历,我们能为顾客提供更加广阔的产品检测服务和更为快捷的产品检验周期。这种联盟战略提供了更高质量的检测程序,也使得我们的质检基准达到了世界级水平。

Experience and Facilities

Spectrum Laboratories is staffed by a world-class team of compliance engineers, with over 25 years experience in type testing. Their reputation for technical excellence has seen the laboratory significantly increase in size over the last two years. Having moved to new and larger premises in 2002, Spectrum now operates from a specialist facility designed for rapid growth. The laboratory’s internal 

layout has been purpose built to meet the testing requirements of various product groups and significant investment in new testing equipment has resulted in an enhanced level of service and quicker turn-around times.

Spectrum is focused on steadily expanding its scope of operations through continual investment in additional technologies and the ongoing development of a state-of-the-art testing facility.




Spectrum Laboratories is accredited by International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ), which means that the endorsed laboratory services comply with the International  standard ISO/IEC 17025 – General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.

Spectrum Laboratories Ltd 是新西兰国际认可机构(IANZ)认证的实验室, 这也就意味着这些授权的检测服务完全符合国际标准ISO/IEC 17025 - 测试与校正实验室认证标准。

Spectrum’s accreditation is an assurance that it has met the exacting standards of IANZ. Accreditation is maintained through on-going and rigorous assessment of the laboratory.

This ensures:

  • The competence and experience of Spectum’s staff
  • The integrity and traceability of Spectrum’s equipment and materials
  • The technical validity of Spectrum’s methods
  • The validity and suitability of Spectrum’s results
  • Spectrum’s compliance with ISO 9002 management system requirements. IANZ accreditation is an assurance that Spectrum operates effective quality processes, providing a professional service through an expertise and technical competence that is recognised as world-class.



  • 我们工作人员的竞争力和检测经验
  • 测试器材和材料的完整性和可追溯性
  • 产品检测手段的合理性
  • 检测结果的正确性和吻合度
  • 完全符合ISO 9002 管理体系。IANZ 的许可可以保证高效率高质量的检测程序,专业的服务和世界级的检测技术。