Environmental Lab

Environmental Simulation Testing

Spectrum Laboratories offers environmental simulation testing to assist businesses with their product qualification testing; over flow testing and third party product validation testing.

Spectrum Laboratory rents chambers and ovens for short-term or long term use.

Developed from the highly successful “CSZ ZP-Series’ environmental chambers represent the very best in modern design and functionality. Control of temperature and humidity, with a variety of optional lighting control systems, makes the ‘ZP-series’ ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Stable control of temperature, humidity, and lighting

Temperatures can be set up to 190°C and refrigeration options allows cooling down to -45°C. The powerful air circulation provides better airflow that improves chamber controllability. Environmental safe refrigerants are non flammable, and have a zero Ozone depletion Potential. Humidity is accurately controlled by a precision RH sensor. This results in extremely stable humidity control between 10% and 98%rh

Specifications and Features

Touch screen controller

Controller offers touchscreen and the latest in test chamber programming. Flexible configuration along with a full range of user friendly features combines to simplify programming and save valuable time.

Specifications / Range

Temperature range:                           -45 to 190°C

Humidity range:                                 10% to 98%RH

Interior Work space dimensions:        97cm x 97cm x 97cm



Extended chamber rental periods.

Real life long term humidity and temperature tests.

Environmental simulation.

Accellerated life testing.

Experienced laboratories engineers.

Detailed test reports to your specifications.



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